Dolce Amore, our story began when a man's gift of gelato stirred so much passion in his sweetheart that she gave him their first kiss. Perhaps that's why the intimate restaurant puts so much love into its sweets. Bakers craft a range of delicate French pastries, macaroons and cakes, which are served alongside creamy Italian gelato and artisan chocolate. And yet not all of the kitchen's offerings are sweet: French toast, soufflé pancakes, Belgian waffles, French crepes, lunch sandwiches and healthy meals are all available. And each one of these dishes can be washed down with Illy coffee, or a small selection of international wines and beers.

In addition to food, Dolce Amore also serves art: its walls showcase a gallery of works by local & international artists. Though most of these are paintings, special exhibitions have also featured hand-made accessories.

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